Take control of your financial future today with the best possible investment you can make — invest in yourself.

The simple truth is you can’t save your way to financial security. How long can you wait before you stop dreaming and start doing? Isn’t it time to stop depending on others to take you where you want to go?

With proper education and a willingness to take action, financial freedom is within everyone’s reach. At Fast Track we offer a variety of wealth-building and empowering financial products and services to help Canadians make more independent and educated financial decisions.

The Art of Raising Capital

Darren_02 (3)Hello Fast Trackers!

What a busy first quarter of 2014 it has been! I’ve spent a lot of time traveling across the world to speak to audiences about the importance of financial education. Most recently, I was in Mexico, Poland, Germany, Sweden and Netherlands.

I’m continuously impressed by people’s desire to learn more about money. I say this all the time, but money is the fabric of our society yet it’s one of the least spoken about and taught topics. This truth holds the same not only in North America, but in countries all over the globe. There literally has not been one country that I’ve spoken in where financial education is taught in school. Unbelievable!

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