Fast Track Your Financial Future Today With the Best Investment You Can Make — Invest in Yourself!

The simple truth is you can’t save your way to financial security. How long can you wait before you stop dreaming and start doing? Isn’t it time to stop depending on others to take you where you want to go?

With proper education and a willingness to take action, financial freedom is within everyone’s reach. At Fast Track to Cash Flow we offer a variety of wealth-building and empowering financial products and services to help people make more independent and educated financial decisions.

The best place to start is the Wealth Community, the only  publication in the world written by the Rich Dad Advisors. In each issue the personal advisors to Robert Kiyosaki, write POWERFUL articles that are specially tailored for entrepreneurs like YOU. Whether it be real estate, stocks or running a business, this amazing literature written by entrepreneurs who have made HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars in assets will support your growth.

Darren’s Corner

Hi Fast Trackers,

What a year 2015 was! I traveled across the world to work with students of the entrepreneurial training program, organized and hosted our ninth annual Fast Track Super Conference, and traveled through western Canada to present cash creation seminars. It was a great year at the Fast Track Group and I would like to start off 2016 with a big thank-you to all of our valued clients for your continued support and belief in our products.

As Canadians, we work hard to fulfill our dreams of financial freedom. Every day is a chance to start a new beginning, a chance to make a change in our lives that helps us get closer to this goal.

“Endings are just beginnings that start in a different place and time.” – Raine Cooper

Life is like a book. We turn a new page every day. Eventually we may close a chapter, but the story never really ends. As long as we are moving forward, even with small steps, we are an active participant in creating positive change in our own lives.

Many of us make resolutions for the New Year and many of us abandon these often overwhelming goals before the month of January is even over.  That’s why it’s important to take resolutions in small steps and set a goal to strive for each day. By completing each of these smaller goals we create a network of pathways that will eventually converge, delivering us to the bigger picture.

Creating cash flow is the same. We have to start somewhere but don’t overwhelm yourself with the bigger picture. Take it in small steps – day by day. If you have a head filled with ideas, start by writing them down.  Do you have a business idea? Are you interested in real estate? Maybe you’re not sure yet, but you know you want to do something to achieve that goal of financial freedom.

Another great place to start in creating a pathway to the goal of financial freedom is our online Wealth Community Magazine. It is the only publication in the world that all of the Rich Dad Advisors contribute to. It’s packed with articles on real estate, small business tactics, taxes, investing, and raising capital. It’s a virtual university and the professors are some of the greatest financial minds in North America. As my gift to you, I will include my bestselling book, The Art of Raising Capital and a one month FREE subscription!

Today is the day. The catalyst for change is here and you are the protagonist in the book of your life. You can make it happen. Have one of my friendly representatives call you and join over 3,000 others by becoming an exclusive Wealth Community member.

As the economy changes, it becomes even more important to make smart financial decisions. Fast Track can teach you how to do this. I have spoken to over 40,000 Canadians and every week I receive emails documenting success stories from men and women who have used our philosophies to start and maintain their business.

2016 will be even more exciting than 2015 and we want you to walk with us on the road to success!

Again, thank you for your continued support of the Fast Track Group.

Don’t get left behind, join us and get on the Fast Track!




Darren Weeks,
Rich Dad Advisor and Founder of the Fast Track Group.


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