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The simple truth is you can’t save your way to financial security. How long can you wait before you stop dreaming and start doing? Isn’t it time to stop depending on others to take you where you want to go?

With proper education and a willingness to take action, financial freedom is within everyone’s reach. At Fast Track to Cash Flow we offer a variety of wealth-building and empowering financial products and services to help people make more independent and educated financial decisions.

The best place to start is the Wealth Community, the only  publication in the world written by the Rich Dad Advisors. In each issue the personal advisors to Robert Kiyosaki, write POWERFUL articles that are specially tailored for entrepreneurs like YOU. Whether it be real estate, stocks or running a business, this amazing literature written by entrepreneurs who have made HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars in assets will support your growth.

Darren’s Corner

Dear Fast Trackers,

The snow is melting and the smell of spring is in the air! I hope everyone made the most of the mild winter we had. I spent time in Mexico during the winter with my ETP students. I also made the most of our Canadian winter and took my family on several trips to the mountains!

Now, this brings me to an interesting but also alarming statistic. 2015 was the warmest year on record. Climate change is real and it’s up to our generation to make a difference and start reversing the effects it’s having on our planet.

As entrepreneurs and business owners what can we do? We might go about our daily activities and think it doesn’t affect us, that there is little we can do. But there is.


Businesses can promote local recycling programs. This is also a promotion for the business itself. It shows the buying public that your organization cares about the environment and is a good draw for those who adopt a similar attitude.

Recycling used plastics, cardboard, paper, batteries, old cell phones, and even computers can go a very long way in helping the environment.

Place blue bins around the office for cans, paper cups and glass. Even with an office of ten people, that’s a significant reduction as to what would have ended up dumped in the landfill.


It makes sense to not produce as much waste materials in the first place. Be cognizant of printing large documents such as training manuals. These can be kept on a shared computer drive for staff to access. If you are packaging goods to send out to customers, it’s possible to use packaging that uses less natural resources. Recycled packaging materials cost less because of their biodegradability. Reducing the use of natural resources can in turn increase profits by lowering manufacturing costs.

Over the last several years, we here at the Fast Track Group have implemented these procedures and have witnessed a significant reduction in waste management. Let’s help our planet Fast Trackers!

Now, on the subject of entrepreneurs, our ETP Lite events have been a huge success and we’ve been inundated with requests to hold another session. We absolutely will be doing so and will have dates confirmed to you as soon as possible so watch your inbox!

In the meantime, I’m going to be giving away copies of my best selling book, The Art of Raising Capital to the first 50 people that click the link below. In addition to the book, I will throw in my popular audio recording, The Seven Keys to Generating Wealth, AND a FREE trial of our new exclusive online magazine. This is an excellent resource for budding entrepreneurs and new businesses. It is the ONLY publication in the world that all of the handpicked Rich Dad Advisors to Mr. Robert Kiyosaki contribute to on a monthly basis. You will find articles on small business, investing, taxes, paper assets, real estate and much more.

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Thank you as always for your support of The Fast Track Group.

Don’t get left behind, join us and get on the Fast Track.




Darren Weeks,
Rich Dad Advisor and Founder of the Fast Track Group.


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